What to Include on your Business Portfolio

Running a Business? Here is some important information you have to include in your portfolio.


Company Profile

- As a business owner you have to Introduce your company to your customers. Explain the history of your business, the founders of the business, the purpose of your business. In order for a prospect to become a customer is to provide them with well enough information on what your business has to offer. Question your self, What would you love to know about a company? What are you offering to the customers? What are your products? How would your product benefit them?

Education Background

- Majority of customers will take a look at your education background. It is always good to provide information like, the college you attended, certificates you may have received, courses you have taken. This help customers feel safe and trustworthy on making sure you know your work and will make business with you.

Contact Information

- Provide all your contact information. Not all your customers may be in the same city, providing your Name,office number, fax number, Email, web address, Office address will help your customers get in contact with your business in many ways. Also, adding a contact form they may fill out. Now, be careful on how much information you ask from them, clients don't like to provide a lot of personal information in a form. Ask for basic information . First name, Last name, email , phone number. Once a customer provides you with their info you can later ask for more information.

Mission Statement

- Your business has to include a mission statements, a goal , and a list of values and standards that will serve as its guide in their business decisions and transactions. This will give your customers an idea of what they can expect when doing business with your company.


- Your customers are regular people just like you and me, the only difference is that not everyone has the same information about your services or products. Its always good to have detailed information about your products or what you intend to offer. Adding images in different angles will help the customer see your product in more detailed version.

Additional Images

- Its always good to provide a Gallery section on your portfolio with satisfied clients / customers using your services or products. It helps prospects see and acknowledge your work.


- Putting information of your business success, accomplishments, helps to boost your business in the market. Enumerate your affiliations with major corporations or prestigious organizations that are related to your industry. Outline your involvement or position within the group.

Testimonials & References

- Include comments or references made by your customers. Share their success stories, provide details on how your product or services has helped them and on what particular features and benefits they experienced.

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